shinebright takes a human-centered approach toward inspiring and energizing employees to achieve their goals and reach their potential. Sitting at the intersection of leadership coaching, science-based mindfulness training and applied positive psychology, we offer fresh solutions to common challenges. shinebright believes in a simple, yet profound truth: that our most effective performance (“doing”) comes from a place of centered presence (“being.”). 

Through higher levels of self awareness, concentration and energy, employees are more likely to sustain increased performance over time—including greater attention, focus, clarity, resiliency, collaboration, engagement, creativity and innovation. We work with you on location or, depending on the training, remotely through video conferencing. Our services include:

·      1 : 1 coaching (both inside and outside the workplace)

·      Corporate mindfulness programs: Search Inside Yourself®, Potential Project® and MBSR

·      1 : 1 mindfulness training in the workplace

·      Corporate mindfulness daylong retreats

·      L&D front of the room class facilitation

·      Facilitation of The Energy Project® to help individuals and teams better manage their energy

·      Managing unconscious bias training

·      Resiliency training

·      Self-care workshops

·      Training or Intro sessions for team off-sites

·      Keynote speeches

·      Co-active facilitation between different team leaders

·      Employee engagement programs

·      Internal brand activation / creativity workshops

·      Facilitation on projects to get "unstuck," promoting greater creativity and effectiveness

·      Workshops for improved team alignment

·      Strategic consultation

Quantitative tools to diagnose opportunity areas, focus efforts, and monitor progress: 

·      Leadership Circle Profile coaching for teams and individuals (includes 360 reviews) 

·      Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor for individuals (includes 360 reviews)