Mindfulness training helped students at Draper University, a startup bootcamp and crash course in business and entrepreneurship, manage their energy levels, improve team collaboration and increase resiliency in the face of the inevitable ups and downs of starting a business. The 7-week residential program in entrepreneurship, set in Silicon Valley, is also the inspiration for an American television series featured on ABC Family called Startup U. Enjoy episodes of Startup U and read the testimonials below from the mindfulness class we created called "Secrets of Super Heroes." 

"The practice of mindfulness that you helped to instill in me has radically altered my life and empowered me to achieve things I never thought possible.  When I heard that we would gain superhero powers at Draper University, I had my doubts but, wow, was I ever wrong!"

"Not only do I feel I am slowly beginning to understand myself better, but also I am most grateful for the renewed appreciation you've given me for the feelings and subjective experiences of all the other people in my life.  This is perhaps the most difficult area in which to progress, but also the skill-set that I am most excited about honing with the awesome new tools you have given me.  I feel I can learn to be more compassionate, forgiving and understanding if I simply stick to practicing what you taught."

"I need the tools I've learned every single day, multiple times a day."

"As an engineer, I had my doubts at first, but each subsequent class brought me new progress."

"I really liked taking time to breathe. Being silent and away from technology helped me be more creative."

"I now have a mindfulness tool kit I can use anywhere, whenever I feel stressed or anxious."

"I loved having a space to share...there is very little reflection and authentic sharing encouraged in our culture today."

"For the first time in my young life, I had time to properly 'think' and 'be aware of' my surroundings."

"I've barely scratched the surface of the newfound significance of my mindfulness (and yoga) practice, but I think you can likely see by now that you have helped me more ways than I can name.  I will be forever grateful for the simple sage wisdom which you shared with us."

"I'm grateful for this class, it has dramatically improved my life."

"I liked that expressing our emotions and really being human was encouraged. Learning about self forgiveness helped me to 'travel lighter' and take giant steps forward."

"Sharing our personal (and often vulnerable) stories in a safe environment made me realize that I'm not alone in my challenges, struggles and fears."

"I'm more focused now. Learning how to return to my breath helps me be calm and centered."

"Working too much has left me feeling empty. My only way out, has been mindfulness. Learning to appreciate every single moment. Mindfulness doesn't necessarily mean lack of energy and calm like in meditation. It just means consciously living each moment. And boy, its deep!"

"My practice has helped me with my discipline and attention; my health and diet; and my relationship with myself and others."

"I have practiced every day since your class.  Today, for example, I enjoyed about 2.5 hours of meditation spread over a 1 hour course at my yoga studio, an afternoon ceremony at my local Zen Buddhist Temple (which I never would have considered stepping foot into before your course), as well as my regularly nightly meditation at home."

"My ability to let go of anxiety and laziness and just 'be' has empowered me to foster an intense yoga practice (a few hours a day, 7 days a week)."

"You planted the seeds for me to be open to new possibilities in life I would never have considered before. Your class has changed my life."

"Whereas before I could barely get through one chapter of a book without getting distracted, I can now get through a whole book in one sitting with ease and pleasure."

"I've been able to start enjoying simple healthy things, like celery and broccoli or a whole cucumber and a pint of berries for a meal.  Before your class, I 'thought' I was repulsed by such vegetables. But, by living in the moment and experiencing these things for what they are, I am now able to enjoy them.  I've also lost 25 pounds since leaving Draper in March."

"For the first time in my life, I am regularly making my bed, folding my laundry properly and even flossing my teeth with joy and serenity.  Even my appreciation for music has expanded, as I no longer need the instant-gratification of pop or edm music and can mindfully observe and appreciate slow-paced jazz or opera.  I'm also spontaneously dancing a fair bit lately :)"