With more than 20 years of industry marketing experience, along with a combination of leadership coaching and mindfulness training, shinebright brings a unique approach that connects these three important areas for greater employee engagement. As a former VP within a global organization, I understand the unique pressures, complexities and challenges of working within and across, organizations to get work done. 

These three domains of functional expertise—corporate experience, leadership coaching and mindfulness training—help shinebright work effectively with companies and organizations, both large and small, in a variety of contexts and settings depending on the unique need. shinebright works with global companies, government and educational institutions, as well as start-ups of varying sizes from tech to health and beauty. We help optimize performance for:

  • Teams within - and across - organizations
  • Teams between client organizations and their consultancies / agencies
  • Teams across different partner consultancies and agencies
  • Executive / Leadership Teams
  • Individual leaders in 1:1 situations

Coaching Philospohy

shinebright is passionate about conscious leadership and believes that true and lasting change begins from the inside out. My approach to coaching resides at the intersection of the different areas of my own training in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, applied positive psychology and leadership embodiment. Specific to a client's unique needs and goals, I bring in experiential practices from each of these areas to deepen trust, self confidence and authenticity. In the spirit of co-creation, I partner with my clients so that, together, we can design personalized strategies to help make lasting changes to flourish mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Mindfulness Philosophy

We work with our clients to determine the mindfulness program that best matches their unique needs. Just as every company has its own culture, there is no one-size fits all mindfulness program. To this end, I teach a range of different mindfulness programs including Google's popular class, Search Inside Yourself (SIY), as well as the Potential Project. I'm both a SIY Certified Teacher™ and a Potential Project Certified Teacher™. For those organizations that want an even deeper experiential program, I teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

No matter your company's particular issues or lifecycle stage, shinebright offers fresh approaches for leaders and teams that struggle with ongoing challenges in the workplace including:


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